Please find enclosed some maintenance tips in order to keep your custom made floor shiny and safe for years to come. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

What type of finish is on my floor? Your floor has been protected with a high-quality, metal-interlocking co-polymer finish that created a clear, ultra-hard, high-gloss shine. These finishes are especially designed for high-traffic areas like supermarkets or department stores and will guarantee you a virtually maintenance free floor for years to come.

How do I keep my floor clean? (Daily maintenance)  Good maintenance is the key to keep your floors looking good. Sweep and damp-mop (using plain water, or water with a dash of neutral cleaner, added) regularly to keep abrasive soil off the surface, scrubbing as needed with a white nylon-backed sponge to loosen stubborn or ground-in soil. Good mats at entrances will keep damaging grit out of the house.

What cleaner should I use? We strongly recommend you to use any type of “Neutral Cleaner”.  Neutral Cleaner is a general purpose scrub soap for cleaning all types of floors, woodwork, walls and windows. Because of its gentle neutral nature, it is safe to use on any surface not normally harmed by water.  Neutral Cleaners do not contain harsh alkalis, acids or abrasive detergents. Its cleaning efficiency is boosted by high levels of chelating agents. It mixes well even in hard water.


Neutral Cleaner is available in the janitorial department at Home Depot or Lowes. 

How do I keep my floors shiny? (Long-term maintenance) The amount of heavy foot traffic and tracked-in dirt determine the longevity of the shiny coat.  With time and use the glossy layer might develop worn or dull areas that need to be re-coated with a floor finish to maintain a uniform shine. In general, EUROfloors would be glad to assist you 

For outdoor projects: Please contact EUROfloors for outdoor projects. We use an industrial type sealer, not available to the home user. Contact us for a free estimate. 

For indoor projects: EUROfloors will be glad to install an additional coat of poly-urethane. Contact us for a free estimate. 

Rather DIY? Home Depot has a product available you could use also. 

Look for “High Traffic Floor Finish” made by ZEP in the flooring isle. 

It works very similar to “Mop & Glo”.  Make sure to read the label instructions very carefully and use proper protection!!! Feel free to contact EUROfloors if you need any assistance.




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